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Multiple calendars

Moonbird has advanced features for group scheduling. By defining a .mcal file you can browse multiple ical files or multiple persons/resources at the same time.

The .mcal file is a xml file with the root element named "multi-calendar". To define a calendar you write a "calendar" element with a "file" attribute that defines the relative location of the ical file.

        <calendar file="steve.ics">
        <calendar file="mike.ics">

If you have a ical file thoose content should appear in all calendars, you create a element named "common". The "file" attribute defines the relative location of the ical file.

If you want to define a calendar that is not a separate file, but represents a person or resource, you supply a "resource" attribute instead of the "file" attribute. The resource attribute value should be an email address which is match to the "attendee" properties in the ical events.

        <common file="appointments.ics"/>
        <calendar resource="steve@mycompany.com">
        <calendar resource="mike@mycompany.com">

In the example above, all events are stored in the file "appointments.ics". In the first calendar all events there steve is an attende will be displayed, and in the second all events there mike is an attendee.

If you have additional files for a person or resource, you can write a child element inside the "calendar" element, named "file".

      <calendar resource="steve@mycompany.com">