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Remote calendars

In MoonBird it is possible to open calendars at a remote site. The supported protocols are http, ftp and sftp. To open a remote calendar select "File/Open remote..." in the menu. Enter the URL for the remote calendars, according to the templates below.


If you want to use a remote calendar in a multi-calendar (.mcal), you should supply a "url" attribute instead of the "file" attribute in the "calendar" element. If you want to use a local cache file, supply a "cache-file" attribute.

    <calendar url="http://www.mysite.com/mycal.ics" cache-file="local-mycal.ics">

If you are using the ftp or sftp protocol, it is possible to save changes in a remote calendar. When a remote calendar is save, the local file is syncronized with the remote file. Changes made by others in the remote file is not overwritten.

If somebody else has changed the remote file and you want to syncronize it with the local file, press F5.